Toronto, Ontario Family Portrait Photographer – RIZVI FAMILY CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT SESSION

Najia, a mother of three, shines bright here with her family. This session was truly one of those where I feel I captured the truest emotions of this entire family. This Pakistani family in Toronto is a modern family where there is limitless love and affection and everyone is accepted for who they are. We decided to go with Christmas colours since this was shot during the festive season when I still had my Christmas Minis background set up. We started with a complete make over of Najia and her glamour shots. It took her three seconds to wow the camera! She was comfortable right away and I could not have been happier.

This session is especially close to my heart since the youngest, most adorable sibling of the three has autism. His amazing mother is an activist in her own right, trying to bring awareness about autism and struggling through the many problems a special needs family has to go through to get assistance from the government, especially OHIP, to assist the child be as much a part of society as any other human being. Because of his autism, it is very hard to get photos of him where he is engaged or a portrait where he is looking at the camera. With a lot of research before the session and great care handling this kid during the session, I was able to get some very lovely shot of him and his family. Some where he is even looking at the camera! I also had some practice with him when I did a mini session of these kids last year. I have added those photos with this set to show the happy, loving, and a very real face of autism. A child is still a child and with the love and care this family has to give, I have no doubt he will overcome any challenge life throws at him.

Enjoy these images which they liked the most from the set of almost 30 finalized images. If you want more information about a customized photoshoot for yourself, feel free to email me at alishba@purplecanvasphotography.com or use the contact form on this website to drop me a line 🙂